October 2019


  • Alden,


    Academic. Poet. Published in POSTblank and Genre: Urban Arts. Monterey, California, USA.

  • Balmain,


    Author. Essayist. Former recording artist. Industrial welder. Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

  • Bohan,


    Writer. Curator at Silas Plum Art. Halfway, Virginia, USA

  • Bryl,


    Poet. Retail supervisor. Student at UCF. Published in High Shelf Press and Into the Void. Palm Coast, Florida, USA.

  • Cotten,

    Kalynn Michelle.

    Writer. Biologist. Science lover. Author of crime and science fiction novels. Boise, Idaho, USA.

  • Dako,


    Poet. Writer of Short Stories. Boxing Competitor. Father. Comic Book Geek. Niagara Falls, Canada.

  • de Winter,


    Poet. Digital artist. Anthologized in several collections, including Uno (Verian Thomas, 2002) and New York City Haiku (NY Times, 2017). Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

  • Fox,


    Writer. Traveler. Blues/Fusion dancer. Author of debut novel, The Deception Artist published by Myriad Editions. Oakland, California, USA.

  • Halper,


    Author. Adjunct Professor of English. Upstate New York, USA.

  • Helton,

    Bryan Edward.

    Poet. Fiction writer. Published in Night Picnic Journal and The Showbear. Newnan, Georgia, USA.

  • Hoffman,

    Laura E.

    Marine Corps Veteran. MFA Candidate at the University of Tampa. Winner of The 2018 Wainright Award for Poetry. Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

  • Kondratyeva,


    Ural State Pedagogical University graduate. Freelance Translator and Editor. Avid language learner. Resides in every country ready to welcome her (currently France).

  • Parsons, Rachel Anne.

    Farmer. Antiques dealer. Poet and Fiction Writer. Published in Pine Moun‐ tain Sand & Gravel and Now & Then: The Appalachian Maga‐ zine. Olive Hill, Kentucky, USA.

  • Paxson,


    Writer. Poet. Artist. Graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy and Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Published by Pangolin Press, Redbird Chap‐ books, Poet's Night Out. Michigan, USA.

  • Rosten,


    Husband. Father. Middle school science teacher. Lector at his church. Published in Prime Number and Crack the Spine. Urbana, Illinois, USA.

  • Sheldon,

    Evan James.

    Editor. Writer. Published in CHEAP POP, Gone Lawn, and New Plains Review. Littleton, Colorado, USA.

  • Sofia,


    Student. Published in The White Wall Review, The Raw Arts Review, Coffin Bell, and The Penultimate Peanut. Mission Viejo, California, USA.

  • Stumpo,


    Editor and Art Director of Night Picnic. Published scholar and illustrator. Educator. Writer. Award-winning fashion designer. Resides in New York City, New York.

  • ten Brink,


    Author. Environmentalist. Published in The Guardian, Coffin Bell Journal, Harvard Square Editions and Dreamers Creative Writing. Brussels, Belgium.  

  • Ulrich,

    Caryl Gobin.

    Indiana University and William Carey University graduate. Alto. Poet. Animal person. Former teacher. Lover of languages. Wanderer. Wonderer. Moss Point, Mississippi, USA.

  • Voron,


    State employee. Writer, artist. Fan of horror and esotericism. Moscow, Russian Federation.

  • Wildern,


    Husband. Father. Short fiction writer. Recent publications appeared in The Book Smugglers Den and Parhelion. Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.

  • Williams,


    Editor of Night Pic‐ nic. Bibliophile. Irkutsk State Polytechnical University graduate and math teacher of the American International School of Bucharest. Bucharest, Romania.

  • Woodland,


    Writer. Artist. Action sports enthusiast. Musician. Student of English at Utah State University. Paul, Idaho, USA.

  • Zaitsev,

    Igor V.

    Editor-in-Chief of Night Picnic. Biologist. Professor. Deputy Chair at BMCC, the City University of New York. Author of two books of poetry: In a Hurry to Live and At Ease in Heaven. Resides in New York City, New York.

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