Edward Ahern

Review board member of Bewildering Stories. Author of three books, numerous short stories, and poems. Background in foreign intelligence and international sales. Resides in Fairfield, CT, USA.

Penel Alden

Academic. Poet. Published in POSTblank and Genre: Urban Arts. Monterey, CA, USA

Angelica Allain

Writer. Poet. Professional Tarot Reader. Avid Traveler. Boston, MA, USA.

Samuel J. Allen

Data Scientist. Writer. Horror enthusiast. Work featured on The NoSleep Podcast. Manchester, England. 

Douglas Balmain

Author. Essayist. Former recording artist. Industrial welder. Laramie, WY, USA.

Ariel Berry

PhD in creative writing. Associate prose editor for A-Minor. Published in American Short Fiction, 100 Word Story, Gone Lawn, and Southword. Albion, MI, USA.

Mads Bohan

Writer. Artist. Curator at Silas Plum Art. Halfway, VA, USA.

Francesca Della Bona*

Editor and translator. Her stories have appeared in publications both in Italy and in the US. Rome, Italy.

A. C. Bohleber

Teacher. Writer. Published in Coffin Bell Journal and Whispers to Roars Magazine. Nashville, TN, USA.

Tori Bryl

Poet. Retail supervisor. Student at UCF. Published in High Shelf Press and Into the Void. Palm Coast, FL, USA.

Frank Carellini

Investor & Entrepreneur. Poet. Published in Tiger Moth, Communion, Last Leaves, and others. Brooklyn, NY, USA.

David Capps

A philosophy professor. Not a misanthrope. New Haven, CT, USA.

Natalie K. Christiansen

Writer of horror fiction and poetry. Avid reader. Flagstaff, AZ, USA.  


Robert Ciesla

Writer. Musician. Filmmaker and coder. Published in Verbal Magazine and Thrice Fiction. Helsinki, Finland.

Tim Connors

Writer. Teacher. Professional eater. This is Tim’s first publication. Milledgeville, GA, USA.

Kalynn Michelle Cotton

Writer. Biologist. Science lover. Author of crime and science fiction novels. Boise, ID, USA.

Mary Eliza Crane

Poet. Has read poetry throughout the US as well as with Siberian poets in Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. Duvall, WA, USA.

Tanner Cremeans

Law student. Writer. Gem collector. Outdoor enthusiast. Cincinnati, OH, USA.

Kaier Curtin

Columbia University graduate and historian with a Ph.D. from the City University of New York. Author of We Can Always Call Them Bulgarians. New York, NY, USA.

Alex Dako

Poet. Writer of Short Stories. Boxing Competitor. Father. Comic Book Geek. Niagara Falls, Canada.

Holly Day

Writer. Writing instructor at the Loft Literary Center. Author of over 30 nonfiction and poetry books. Minneapolis, MN, USA.

John Delaney

Poet. Kayaker. Hiker. Retired curator of Historic Maps at Princeton University. Author of two books of poems and several works on cartography. Port Townsend, WA, USA.

Lenny DellaRocca

Founder and co-publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal SoFloPoJo. Published in more than 300 literary magazines. His latest poetry collection is Festival of Dangers Ideas (Unsolicited Press). Delray Beach, FL, USA.

RC de Winter*

Poet. Digital artist. Twice Pushcart Prize nominee (2019, 2020). Anthologized in several collections, including Uno (Verian Thomas, 2002) and New York City Haiku (NY Times, 2017). Fairfield, CT, USA.

Frank Diamond

Writer of short stories, poems, columns, novels, and songs that are often set in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Leslie Dianne

Poet. Novelist. Screenwriter. Playwright . Performer. New York, New York, USA.

William Doreski

Professor Emeritus, Keene State College. Author of three critical studies and seven books of poetry. Peterborough, NH, USA.

Karen Downs-Barton

Student. Poet. Published in anthologies: Otoliths, Persian Sugar in English Tea, and Curly Mind. Wiltshire, England.

Michael Dubilet

Translator. Multiple Award-winning Director, Writer, Founder of Swerkl Branding Studio. Cyprus.

Emily Dupuis

Writer, cat person, nature enthusiast. Current Master's student in early American history. Providence, RI, USA.

Tonya Eberhard*

Poet. Published in Coffin Bell Journal and Glassworks Magazine. St. Louis Park, MN, USA.

Alan Elyshevitz

Author of short stories collection, The Widows and Orphans Fund (SFA Press), and three poetry chapbooks. Published in River Styx, Nimrod International Journal, and Water ̴ Stone Review and other journals. Winner of the North American Review James Hearst Poetry Prize. East Norriton, PA, USA.  

E. W. Farnsworth

Widely published award-winning author. Physician. Gilbert, AZ, USA.

Jonathan Ferrini

Published author with MFA in motion picture and television production from UCLA. San Diego, CA, USA.

Fayette Fox

Writer. Traveler. Blues/Fusion dancer. Author of debut novel, The Deception Artist published by Myriad Editions. Oakland, CA, USA.

Cass Francis

Poet and fiction writer. UCA MFA alum, current student at Texas Tech University. Published in Drunk Monkeys, The Shore, and elsewhere. Lubbock, TX, USA.

Marcus Hansson

Writer. Reader. Works on a novel. Born in Sweden, living in Paris, France.

Roberta Hartling Gates*

Retired English teacher. Francophile. Fiction writer. Published in the Beloit Fiction Journal, Fourth Genre, and elsewhere. Riverside, IL, USA.

TeaJae Glennon

Nurse. Emerging writer. Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

Rich Glinnen

Market researcher. Writer. Nominated for the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology. Published in Kenneth Warren’s Lakewood House Organ and online. Bayside, NY, USA.

D. C. Gonk

Writer. Traveler. Aspiring Novelist. Published in Wanderlust Journal, Burnt Pine Magazine, and Hippospit Travel Blog. Stanhope, NJ, USA.

Julian Grant

Animator. Educator. Author of strange and unique short stories, full-length novels, non-fiction texts, and comics. A tenured Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago. Gary, IN, USA.

Gerri R. Gray

Author of The Amnesia Girl, Graveyard Girls, and others. Published in Dig Two Graves, Coffin Bell Journal, and others. Oneida, NY, USA.

John Grey*

Australian poet. Published in That, Dunes Review, Poetry East, North Dakota Quarterly, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Thin Air, Dalhousie Review, and Failbetter. Johnston, RI, USA.

Max Halper

Author. Adjunct Professor of English. Upstate New York, USA.

Colton Heitzman-Breen

Writer. Graduate Student at Radford University. Tabletop Gaming Enthusiast. Blacksburg, VA, USA.

Bryan E. Helton*

Poet. Fiction writer. Published in Night Picnic Journal and The Showbear. Newnan, GA, USA

Laura E. Hoffman

Marine Corps Veteran. MFA Candidate at the University of Tampa. Winner of The 2018 Wainright Award for Poetry. Jacksonville, FL, USA.

Brent Holmes

Mathematician. Data scientist. Writer. Mooresville, NC, USA.

J.D. Hosemann*

Writer. Teacher. Durable Medical Equipment Technician. Published in The Kenyon Review Online, New World Writing, and The Hong Kong Review. Assistant Professor of English at Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS, USA.

Briley D. Jones*

Writer. Citizen of the Comanche Nation. Published in The Nasiona and The Gold Mine. Lawton, OK, USA. 

Steve Karamitros

Urban planner. Writer. Poet. Published in Poetry Quarterly. Bishop, CA, USA.

Mark Keane

Academic. Short story writer. Pushcart Prize nominee. Published in Into the Void and Raconteur. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mark Kessinger

Poet, novelist, editor, and former President of the Houston Council of Writers. Cleveland State University scholarship winner for creative writing. Author of two poetry books. Kingwood, TX, USA.

Harry Kidd

Writer. Publishing industry marketer.  Graduated with a BA in history from University of California, Los Angeles. New York, NY, USA.

Steven Kish

Writer. Poet. A Bukowski & Palahniuk enthusiast. Published in Continue the Voice and Pure Slush publications. Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Jacob Klein

Writer. Poet. Lover of Ovid. Published in The Esthetic Apostle, The Write Launch, and La Piccioletta Barca. Wanaque, NJ, USA. 

Hunter C. Koch

Studied creative writing as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at San Antonio. San Antonio, TX, USA.

Alyona Kondratyeva

Ural State Pedagogical University graduate (Russia). Freelance Translator and Editor. Avid language learner. Resides in every country ready to welcome her (currently France).

Jonathan Koven

Published in American Literary, Toho Journal, Gravitas, and Paragon Press' Echo Journal. Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Petro Kovaliv

Writer. Freelance Translator and Editor. Transcreator. Lviv, Ukraine.

Andrew Lafleche

Award-winning poet. Combat veteran. Author of six books. Ontario, Canada.

Matthew Lane*

Writer. Software engineer. Student at Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI, USA.

Aaron Laughlin

Musician. Writer. Audio engineer. Humboldt State University graduate. Resides in McKinleyville, CA, USA.

Keon Lee

Writer. Student. Perpetual beginner. Liverpool, England.

Jamie Leondaris

Poet. Playwright. Short story writer. Avid reader. Melbourne, Australia.

James M. Lindsay

Editor. Poet and writer.  Librarian. Graduate student at York St. John University. Published by Edge magazine and Angles magazine online. Jarrow, England.

Susie Little

Writer. Philologist. Former journalist. Sochi, Russia.

Sara Long

Poet. Writer for The Common Cause Journal. Kansas City, MO, USA.

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

Dramatist. Poet. Scribe. Published in Good Men Project and Flatbush Review. New York, NY, USA.

Paul Luikart

Writer. Painter. Adjunct professor. Published in Hyperborea and Ghostbird.  Chattanooga, TN, USA. 

Simina Lungu

Writer. English Teacher. Author of the fantasy novel The Last Survivors. Timisoara, Romania.

Kim Malinowski

Lover of words. Poet. Author. Published poetry collection Home and chapbook Death: A Love Story. Laurel, MD, USA.

Davey Maloney

Short story writer. Philanthropist. Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Laura Manuelidis*

Physician. Scientist. Professor. Head of Neuropathology (Surgery Department) at Yale School of Medicine. Author of two books of poetry: Out of Order and One / Divided by Zero.  New Haven, CT, USA.

Eric McLaughlin

Father. Husband. Tile Man. Author of two self-published books. Previously published by Dodging the Rain. Nashua, NH, USA.

Laura McPherson

Writer. Educator. Bibliophile. Post-baccalaureate student at University of California-Berkeley. Addison, IL, USA.

Hannah Melin

Writer. Former literacy teacher for the Peace Corps. Fiction Editor for The Cypress Dome magazine. Studied Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. Published in Big Muddy. Dallas, TX, USA.

Skyler Melnick

Undergraduate at the University of Southern California. Her work has appeared in The Catalyst and Um…Magazine. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Jack Miller

Reader. Pants-Roller. Fraud. Journal editor and student of history and literary theory in Southeastern Virginia. Baltimore, MA, USA.

Zach Murphy

Hawaii-born writer. Cinema and basketball enthusiast. Stories in The Coachella Review, Drunk Monkeys, and Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. St. Paul, MN, USA.

Kamran Muthleb

Writer. Aspiring ecologist. Graduate of Santa Clara University. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Martina Reisz Newberry*

Author of six books of poetry. Published in various literary magazines in the U.S. and abroad. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Barbra Nightingale

Associate Editor of the South Florida Poetry Journal. Professor Emeritus. Author of eight books of poetry. Over two hundred of her poems have appeared in national journals and anthologies, including Grabbed. Hollywood, FL, USA.

Anna Novikova

Translator, creative writer, and marketing specialist. Odesa, Ukraine.

Josiah Olson

Writer. Painter. Musician. Student of Psychology & Spanish at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Moorhead, MN, USA.

Vincent Oppedisano

Poet. Writer. Promoter of literature to anyone who will listen. Toronto, Canada.

Jaime Paniagua

Writer. Poet. Twelve-year veteran of the Marine Corps. UCLA Word commandos Creative Writing Workshop. Pomona, CA, USA.

Geena Papini

Fiction writer. English teacher. Graduate of Concordia University's Communication Studies and Creative Writing programs. British Columbia, Canada.

Rachel Anne Parsons*

Farmer. Antiques dealer. Poet and fiction writer.  Published in Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel and Now & Then:

The Appalachian Magazine. Olive Hill, KY, USA.

Kelly Pavelich

Writer. Mental health advocate. Published in The Global Societies Journal. Seattle, WA, USA.

Elizabeth Paxson

Writer. Poet. Artist. Graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy and Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Published by Pangolin Press, Redbird Chapbooks, Poet's Night Out. MI, USA

Kristopher Pendleton

Poet. Artist. Outdoorsman. Father. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Barton Drew Perkins

Writer. Graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South, Class of 2019. Birmingham, AL, USA.

Joseph Pete

Writer. Poet. Playwright. Sunday newspaper columnist and award-winning journalist. Author of two forthcoming books. Dyer, IN, USA.

Laura L. Petersen

Emerging writer with MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. Published in Wanderings Magazine and Red River Review. Lacey, WA, USA.

Christina E. Petrides

Writer. Poet. Author of Blueberry Man, Tchaikovsky Family Books. Co-translator of Maria Shelyakhovskaya’s Being Grounded in Love: A History of One Russian Family. Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.

Thomas Piekarski*

Former editor of the California State Poetry Quarterly. Published three books of poems. Sacramento, CA, USA.

Amanda Postman

Writer. Animator. Cross-stitcher. Recent child prodigy. Author of three novels. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Richard Risemberg

Writer. Photographer. Published in numerous literary journals on three continents. Los Angeles, CA, USA

Frank Rivera

Student at Arizona State University. Poet. Published in From Whispers to Roars. Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Shannon Roberts

Mental health advocate. Writer. Yoga enthusiast. Published in The Coachella Review and NAILED Magazine. Charlotte, NC, USA.

Joshua Robinson

Writer. Avid Moviegoer. Published in Friday Flash Fiction and The Were-Traveler. London, England.

Radoslav Rochallyi

Slovak philosopher. Writer. Poet. Author of eight books of poetry. Published in several journals and anthologies including Variant Literature and Whispering Prairie Press. Prague, Czech Republic.

Frank Roger*

Author of short stories and visual art. Published in more than forty languages. Ghent, Belgium.

Brian Rosten

Husband. Father. Middle school science teacher. Lector at his church. Published in Prime Number and Crack the Spine. Urbana, IL, USA.

Kamil Sariyev

Translator. Writer. Baku, Azerbaijan.

Beatriz Seelaender*

Writer. Dedicated supporter of reversing Pluto's demotion from planetary status. Published by Brave New World, Psychopomp, Cagibi, and others. São Paulo, Brazil.

Margarita Serafimova*

Pushcart Prize nominee and a finalist in nine other poetry contests. Autor of four poetry books in Bulgarian. She published in Nashville Review, LIT, Agenda Poetry, Poetry South, London Grip, and many other literary journals. London, United Kingdom.

Evan James Sheldon

Editor. Writer. Published in CHEAP POP, Gone Lawn, and New Plains Review. Littleton, CO, USA.

Kelli Simpson

Mother. Poet. Former teacher. Published in Green Ink Poetry and Lamplit Underground. Norman, OK, USA.

Vladimir Slovesnyy

Translator. Expert in the field of military equipment. Graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the Russian Military University in Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

Paul Smith

Writer of poetry & fiction. Proud member of the Rockford Writers’ Guild. Published in the Rockford Review, Del Sol Review, Missouri Review, and other literary magazines. Skokie, IL, USA.

Julia Solomakha

Translator. Teacher. Editor. Musician. MD in Kaluga State University. Obninsk, Russia.

Alex Stearns

High school teacher. Graduate student at SUNY Brockport. Resides in Cohocton, NY, USA.

Michael Stein

Fiction editor at B O D Y. Prague, Czech Republic.

J. J. Steinfeld

Poet. Fiction writer. Playwright. Author of twenty books (five poetry collections, thirteen short story collections, two novels). Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Travis Stephens

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire graduate. Tugboat captain. His poems have appeared in Crosswinds, Stoneboat, and Penn-sylvania English. Malibu, CA, USA.


Emily Stevens

Writer. Student. Lover of the strange and unusual. Previously unpublished. New Orleans, LA, USA.

Liza Sofia

Student. Published in The White Wall Review, The Raw Arts Review, Coffin Bell, and The Penultimate Peanut. Mission Viejo, CA, USA.

Gordon Stumpo

Managing Editor & Art Director of Night Picnic. Published scholar, writer, and illustrator. Educator. Designer. New York, NY, USA.

Patrick ten Brink

Author. Environmentalist. Published in The Guardian, Coffin Bell Journal, Harvard Square Editions, and Dreamers Creative Writing. Brussels, Belgium. 

Simon Tertychniy

Poet. Translator. His work appeared in The Liberated Ulises Almanac, The East Village, and Red Seraph. Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Steven Thomas

Writer. This is Steven’s first publication. Lockport, NY, USA.

Caryl Gobin Ulrich

Indiana University and William Carey University Graduate. Alto. Poet. Animal person. Former teacher. Lover of languages. Wanderer. Wonderer. Moss Point, MS, USA.

Rebekah VanDyk*

Writer. Artist. English and art history student at Western Washington University. Oak Harbor, WA, USA.

Robin Vigfusson

Writer. Published by Referential Magazine, Constellations, Windmill, Feminine Collective, The Valley Review, The Tower Journal, and other magazines. Nutley, NJ, USA.

Eugene Voron

Writer. Artist. Fan of horror and esotericism. Moscow, Russian Federation.

Tiffany Washington

Writer. Poet. English Teacher at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy. Published in a number of online and print literary magazines and journals, including Scarlet Leaf Review and Mothers Always Write. Hartford, CT, USA.

Jason Wallace

Writer. High school teacher. Flat track motorcycle racer. Dad. Published in Exhuming Alexandria and the SunLit Fiction podcast. Sacramento, CA, USA.

Kim Welliver

Poet. Mixed media artist. Autodidact. Logophile. Published in Healing Muse, Fairy Tale Review, Thief, Duende, Rust+Moth, Rock & Sling, et al. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

Jack Wildern

Husband. Father. Short fiction writer. Recent publications appeared in The Book Smugglers Den and Parhelion. Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.

Sybil Wilen

Writer. Editor. Adjunct Professor. Published in various literary journals and anthologies. Saco, ME, USA.

Christopher Williams

Poet. Fan of magick, comics, and music. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Lucky Williams

Explorer. Outdoor enthusiast. Free spirit. New York, NY, USA.

Erin Wilson

Author of one published poetry collection, a few more in the works. Most well when livened by language and nature. Northern Ontario, Canada.

Cassondra Windwalker

Writer. Poet. Essayist. Novelist. Wanderer. Collector of the contrary. Author of four novels and two books of poetry. Anchor Point, AK, USA.

Mariah Woodland

Writer. Artist. Action sports enthusiast. Musician. Student of English at Utah State University. Paul, ID, USA.

Ian Woollen

Writer. Published short fiction in Bookends Review and Split Lip. Author of a novel, SISTER CITY, from Coffeetown Press. Bloomington, IN, USA.

R.S. Wren

Writer. TV Watcher. Creator of fiction of all shapes and sizes. Graduate of Harvard University with a B.A. in History in 2018. Washington D.C., USA.

Igor V. Zaitsev

Editor-in-Chief of Night Picnic. Biologist. Poet. Writer. Professor at BMCC, the City University of New York. New York, NY, USA.

Ann Zhang

Playwright. Student of film and computer science at Yale University. Published in Alexandria Quarterly, Polyphony Lit, and others. St. Louis, MO, USA.

*Indicates a Night Picnic nomination for the Pushcart Prize